Online Business Basics


So you have finally decided to take your business online. This is the best decision you have ever made. When you take your business online your presence can be exponential and if it is done properly your business can absolutely explode. You already knew this and that is why you’re reading this article.  In this article I will be telling you start to finish what infrastructure is needed and who to speak to in order to get this done properly.


The Basic Infrastructure


Most people underestimate the power of social media.  Everyone is on it and they are spending a lot of time there.  I know that there are specific Facebook pages for people in my neighborhood looking to sell and promote their products or their businesses. This may sound like it does not work but it does and everyone is watching and waiting for the latest gossip. I know real estate agents who use it to market houses and it works like a charm every time. So you will need to get at least the big “FIVE” pages. This would be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. This is the absolute basic that you should already have by default.


Business Website


Now we move on to a website. If you’re thinking that it’s too expensive and it’s not worth it then think again.  This is going to be your most important asset on the web.  Everything about you and your business comes from here and your goal is to show people you have the solution to their problems on this site. This will provide credibility but will also open the door to Search Engine Optimization. This is where you can hit the mother load and trust me it is worth it. If you find the right guy and believe me it can be hard because the industry is full of frauds then your business will go from zero to 100 in a blink of an eye.


Search Engine Optimization


The concept of SEO is very simple.  The idea is that someone is looking for your business and the services you offer. This means the potential customer jumps on google and types in a phrase such as “Detroit Marketing Firm” and this service makes sure your website would show up for this specific term if you owned a business that desired it.  So the last part of the puzzle is to find the right person for the job.





How To Choose An SEO Expert


This is very important because a lot of these so-called experts think they know what they’re talking about but they actually don’t! So listen up because I’m going to save you thousands of dollars in the next couple of sentences.




1.Make sure the Expert has a #1 ranking for a website for some kind of key term.  This will prove he can actually do it.


2.Make sure he/she has work that is exhibited on his or her website that shows proof. Dont’ fall for that graph crap that the guru’s show for increased rankings.


3.Look for a LARGE amount of testimonials. This is crucial because testimonials can be faked but if there is 20 or more than that is a good sign that the person is an actual expert.